Iconic Lighting Series: Nadav Kander’s Brad Pitt

March 5, 2013 Blog

I am working on a series of photographs mimicing iconic lighting and imagery of other photographers. This recent photograph is a recreation of Nadav Kander’s image of Brad Pitt. I used the lighting suggested by Ted Sabarese over at Guess the Lighting and am having great success! His website is a great resource to anyone who would like to learn strobing.

I made the photo with a Bron Senso Pack with one lamp uncovered from the front to cast the hard shadows and two Profoto D1 Airs 500ws into umbrellas to light the background. The bracelet is an “I Choose Insanity” bracelet from Mosaic LA. For a reference on this check out Isaiah 26:3.

My rendition of the image follows then Nadav Kander’s image of Brad Pitt.