North York: Photographs of a City Slammed by Winter Storm Jonas

York, Pennsylvania is one of the areas that received the most snowfall from Winter Storm Jonas with totals coming in around 31.5 – 37 inches of snow. A crippling amount for our small city — two days after the storm and there is no where to go with the snow. Here is a visual commentary on the storm’s affect showing the current condition of the neighborhoods in York City. Most of the photos are from the Avenues and Parkway neighborhoods with a short venture into the downtown area.

All photos pictured here are shot within an hour of 5p, Sunday, January 24th.

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Farm to City Dinner 2015

A week before Farm to City 2015 it was anyone’s guess what would happen. Would Hurricane Joaquin wash away all hopes of holding the dinner outside on Beaver Street? Thankfully the day of the event arrived and all that was left of the tropical storm were clouds and a few puddles.

With the ‘all-clear’ still reverberating in their ears, the volunteer staff comprised of Buy Fresh, Buy Local, Downtown Inc., Underground West, and other community members got to work. In little more than a few hours a beautiful event was ready to be held. Guests started to arrive and choose their places at the decorated family-style, farm tables. Beer and wine flowed in abundance, raising the moods of those in attendance after a dreary weekend. Finally the crowning moment arrived as food left the kitchen and was served to the enjoyment of all.

Roasted root vegetables, chilled green bean and radish salad in basil pesto, garlic & rosemary rubbed chicken, and apple bread pudding with salted caramel were among the offered fare — everything superb. As dinner was winding down and good conversation was flourishing the sun decided to make a capstone appearance spurring a round of applause from the crowd. What a beautiful afternoon in York City!

A full galley of photos to view and make print selections is available now.

Ayers Saint Gross – Family Picnic

Nestled in the corner of the Under Armor Complex in the south of Baltimore you’ll find Ayers Saint Gross. A group of architects and planners, ASG has grown from their humble beginnings over 100 years ago into a firm with multiple locations. Throughout their history the importance of family has been held at the center of their organization. Not just the family that makes up the employees of ASG, but their husbands, wives, children, and extended family. So in late September Ayers Saint Gross held a picnic to celebrate the work and lives of their employees. A beautiful reminder that a strong and supportive home leads to a strong organization filled with care. Here are the photos of the ASG family.

Bethel Worship Night Harrisburg

Creating culture. Creative culture.

Bethel consistently pushes the boundaries with their music. Fortunately when Paige & I found out they were coming to Harrisburg we secured a set of tickets and were able to worship alongside them. An amazing experience. Here are the photos I was able to make that evening!

That time I almost had a beer with Jeb Bush

The setting is the Iowa State Fair. Brightly colored stands line the streets and the smell of cartelized onions, Italian sausage, and cow manure fills the air. Excitement begins to bubble up as we pull into the field to park. Yes, my wife’s entire family and I (seven of us) are going to the Iowa State Fair. It’s an impulsive decision, but when in Iowa… right? So we file out of the car, garner our tickets, and head into the sprawl.

The fair is everything you’d hope it would be — greasy food, farm animals, tractors, people bumping into you, cabin-fever crafts, and carnival types everywhere. Want to see the worlds smallest horse? It’s here. The world’s largest Adirondack chair with people falling into it? Yep, it’s a sight to see!

We were just minding our business, walking along the Sky Glider, when there is a din of media piling into this pavilion. Guess who’s having a beer… Jeb Bush. So we wander over. Since this isn’t my first rodeo (or State Fair) I go into photographer mode and begin documenting the whole shindig.

Jeb’s talking with constituents and enjoying a brew at 10:30a. All in a days work. I’m snapping away, and manage to get a few words with Jeb on the coattails of my father-in-law. He seems like an okay guy.

And if you’re wondering, Jeb’s mom is doing a lot better. Turns out she was sick for a stint.

jeb bush

iowa state fair

jeb bush drinking beer

iowa fairgrounds jeb bush

So there you have it. I guess I really didn’t almost have a beer with him, but we hung out… for like a second.

All in a days work!

If you have an event that requires photo coverage, be sure to contact me!

Spring Forward 2015: Fashion Meets Art at the Bond

Spring Forward: Fashion Meets Art was an amazing night at the newly renovated Bond building! The Parliament & JDK Group really know how to throw a party. From the models to the art to the YWCA’s stomp performance, everything was beautifully orchestrated. Diemo Video had an awesome film on the Parliament, the Bond, and Union Shared Work Space opening in the building. The Parliament & Royal Square are doing wonderful things for York City and the community.

I would love to hear what your favorite part of the evening was — please drop me a line or two!

spring forward fashion show

fashion york pa

event photographer york

baltimore md event photos

visual storyteller seth nenstiel

spring forward

spring forward

bond building

Organized by: The Parliament
Catered and Event Managed by: The JDK Group Catering & Events
Venue: The Bond
Photography: Seth Nenstiel Photography
Makeup Artistry: Maggie King Makeup Artistry
Hair Styling: Garrett Wright Epic Salon
Artwork by: The Parliament
Look Book Photography by: Allison Witheron Given