Chicago in Color

From the moment we set foot in Chicago it felt like no where else we’d ever been. A cross between the hustle and bustle of New York City, the architecture of Pittsburg, and the charm of Washington D.C., Chicago is definitely unique. But can you even begin to describe it in the context of these three world-class cities? It brings it’s own flavor to the table — the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Willis (Sears) Tower, Lincoln Park, and the Chicago river running through the heart of downtown. The weather changes at the drop of a hat — we were caught in the rain once or twice during our two day visit. And I’ve only now noticed how varied the images are; many stand in contrast to each other. There is a healthy underground walking area where it is quite dark; then, within a few blocks you can be on the water front of Lake Michigan.

I’m not sure what the future will bring for us, but Chicago is definitely a contender for our hearts — a cold wintered contender. Until then, here is a selection of photos we made while visiting Chicago.

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Jordan – Urban Portraits

Urban. Graffiti. Industrial. These were the words that Jordan used to describe the setting she wanted for her photos. So I tossed out a few location ideas and we ventured into York City. As the self-proclaimed industrial art capital of the world York is a perfect backdrop for the session Jordan was looking for.

Senior Photos York PA (1)

Senior Photos York PA (2)

Senior Photos York PA (3)

Senior Photos York PA (5)

Senior Photos York PA (4)

Senior Photos York PA (6)

Senior Photos York PA (7)

Senior Photos York PA (8)

Senior Photos York PA (9)

Senior Photos York PA (11)

Senior Photos York PA (10)

Senior Photos York PA (12)

Senior Photos York PA (13)

Senior Photos York PA (14)

Senior Photos York PA (15)

Senior Photos York PA (16)

Senior Photos York PA (17)

Senior Photos York PA (18)

Senior Photos York PA (19)

Senior Photos York PA (20)

Urban Portraits Senior Photos York PA (21)

Senior Photos York PA (22)

Senior Photos York PA (23)

Urban Portraits Senior Photos York PA (24)

Senior Photos York PA (25)

Senior Photos York PA (26)

Senior Photos York PA (27)

Senior Photos York PA (28)

Senior Photos York PA (29)

Here’s what Jordan had to say about the session!

Testimonial - Seth Nenstiel Photography

Urban Portraits by photographer Seth Nenstiel – Inquire now.

The Andersons at Home – A Day in the Life

Immediately upon entering the Anderson’s home several months ago I knew I wanted to photograph there. The gorgeous natural light, the lavish details with everyday life mixed in, the vibrant array of colors, and the constance of eight beautiful persons. I was completely intrigued.

Today I was warmly welcomed as I crossed the threshold into the their foyer and ushered into the kitchen where a breakfast of warm, gooey cinnamon buns and fruit was being prepared. Just after 8am on a Saturday and the family was in full motion. After asking if this was their normal, I was given a hearty, ‘Yes!’

And we were off to the races.

Laughing, running, jumping, bouncing, swinging, weight lifting, soccer ball kicking, science experimenting, guitar playing, praying, giggling, head bumping, Tonka trucking, and hand standing were all part of the morning. Batteries not included! It was a perfect flurry and a beautiful lesson in family togetherness. The Andersons are wonderful. Here are some of the moments.

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Emily & Brad In Love – Warm Engagement Photography York PA

Emily and Brad have the type of love that is infectious. You can’t help but smile when they do. Not to mention they are some of the most caring, warm-hearted people. Upon my arrival they were playing with a dog they had found earlier in the day — he was barking and they were laughing!

On this perfect Saturday in May, we gathered at a friend’s farm to create memories. The evening was absolutely gorgeous — clouds dotted a bright blue sky and a whimsical warm breeze added to the radiance of their love. With the freedom of 100 breathtaking acres, we leisurely walked and paused at locations they or I loved.

The farm proved a beautiful backdrop for their story.

All my best and congratulations Emily & Brad!

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Engagement Photography York PA by Seth Nenstiel – Inquire Now

Seek First – Pole Steeple

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

There are times during the week I forget to seek first, those days are rough. Fridays are family day and are about recapturing time with my Lord and my wife. This past Friday we decided to drive to the Appalachian Mountains and hike Pole Steeple. It was amazing to be in a deserted place away from people and responsibilities — to be alone with creation.

Walking through the forest I understood why Christ would remove himself to such locations to pray. It’s peaceful and humbling, naturally creating the perfect posture to come to the Lord. It gave me a lot of perspective, yet I still had trouble putting down my camera to just enjoy what He has made. I kept thinking of how amazing the photos would look on Instagram or Facebook, putting off spending time with our Creator.

I’m broken.

I didn’t get around to praying in the woods that day & so I am writing this post as a reminder for myself to seek first the kingdom of God. That afternoon it wasn’t just the collapsed trees and dead leaves in the forest that were decaying — it was myself as well. Due to the fall of man that took place in Genesis 3 we all are dying without Christ’s saving love. You and I are naturally separated from the design & order of His creation.

Seek First - Paige standing among the dead trees as we walk the road deeper into Michaux State Forest.
Paige standing on the path as we walk deeper into Michaux State Forest.

He makes everything new

But there is hope. Among the fallen trees there was life — small buds of flowers and leaves were beginning to form, grass starting to shoot up! A regeneration as springtime comes upon the earth, clothing creation in life. This also, is like Christ’s love for you and I.

You see there is a promise in the verse: seek first the kingdom of God and his righteous, and all these things will be added to you. It refers not only to your physical, momentary needs, but your eternal ones as well. If you seek God’s kingdom, headed by Christ, you will receive His love, renewal, and transformation. There will be peace for your heart and salvation for your soul.

When I forget to seek first His kingdom I break the order and disrupt the cycle. I’m a mess and I create disorder. But when I come humbly before my Lord, everything is made whole and built up for Him. Including the pictures of Pole Steeple — what caused me to miss the moment has been renewed in this written reflection through seeking the Lord.


I would love to extend the conversation about Christ and His love for you. Coffee is on me, just get in touch, email, or call/text 717.781.9802.

Seek First Pole Steeple

Seek First by Creative Photographer and Writer Seth Nenstiel – Inquire Now