Yongnuo 560II Speed Light

Off Camera Flash: Getting Started with Speed Lights

When I got started with speed lights I couldn’t have told you which way was up! There is so much information floating around that it’s hard to make sense of it all. To be clear, I wrote this not as a guide to everything related to speed lights, but as a post aimed at getting you in the speed light game with workable knowledge and without breaking the budget. You already know that you want to use the speed lights off camera and you don’t want to be tethered to them with a wire. Maybe you’ve even done some research. …

How I Made the Shot: Vegetable Frittata – Food Photography

Fresh off a trip to Iovine’s Produce at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, I had a plethora of beautiful vegetables laying around the kitchen. I was especially hungry and wanted to create something that I could not only eat but photograph as well. I got to work by assembling everything that was going into the vegetable frittata and everything that I wanted to include in the photo. Shooting food is great when you are working with a chef who prepares the dish at a restaurant that already has their decor in place. What you see is what you get — …

Sweet Butternut Casarecce with Savory Italian Sausage, Carmel Balsamic Oranges for dessert

What do you do on a cold Friday night in November? Hit the grocery store, grab some beer, call up some neighbors, and get to cooking! I found a recipe for a sweet butternut casarecce with hints of sage, then I added both sweet and spicy Italian sausage to the dish to give it a savory contrast. Then for dessert we made a balsamic-fennel-carmel reduction to drizzle over oranges… yum! So then what do you do when two of the diners are photographers? Throw a soft box on a broncolor and ‘viol√†!’ you have way better photographs than Instagram to …

Farquhar in the Fall – Fine Art Prints

Bring a little bit of York’s autumnal beauty and history to your home or office with these fine art prints of Farquhar Park. Click on the photographs to view as large. Pricing and sizing details by request. Red Tree Waterfall of Orange Classic Farquhar Farquhar Through the Leaves Autumn Looking Up Farquhar at Sunset – Panoramic

Autumn Wallpaper

In the spirit of fall’s beauty I would love to share with you an autumn wallpaper for your computer. I made the photo while walking to capture images of the Howard Tunnel on the Rail Trail in York, Pennsylvania. To download the wallpaper just click the image below and when it opens, right-click and select Save As to save it to your preferred location! Hope you’re having a great fall – go rake some leaves!