Sit at His Feet – Matthew 1

We have a humble Lord of humble origins.

Indeed, if we sit at His feet, we will see the humble nature and brokenness of His paternal line.

The journey God uses throughout humanity to bring Christ to us includes the unfaithful and impatient (Ruth 1:1), the prostitute (Matthew 1:5), the widow (Ruth4:13), then adulterer (2 Samuel 12:24), and out of wedlock pregnancy (Matthew 1:18).

Yet our humble Lord “is conceived” for us, and to “save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:20-21). He was pleased to come to us in this line and through these ways.

Today I must ask if this is how Christ came – the idea conceived, the flesh bore – in humility, lowly and meek, how should I know Him by sitting at these feet?

I am starting a series of reflections based on of a work by Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students. In this book Spurgeon says for one to know Jesus one must:

  1. Sit at His Feet
  2. Consider His Nature
  3. Consider His Work
  4. Consider His Sufferings
  5. Consider His Glory
  6. Rejoice in His Presence: Communing with Him from Day to Day
  7. Know His Wisdom 
  8. Apply His Wisdom 

The italicized items are my own addition to the list to work through after I visit Spurgeon’s framework.