Preserve Me O Lord

There were many times over the course of our most recent trip that I reached for the words, Preserve me O Lord, for in You I take refuge (Psalm 16:1).

When you find your life in danger – even danger you’ve willingly placed yourself in – it’s easy to reach for these words. And the danger was real.

In the last week I’ve taken six flights, climbed several mountains in crazy weather, hiked on a glacier, encountered wild animals including bears and moose, driven hundreds of miles through snow, sleet, rain, and 80 mile-an-hour winds next to cliffs and rivers, and generally lived more daringly than I have at most points in the rest of my life.

It is in these moments that I called out to God for preservation. To keep me from dying. For Him not to forget about me. Which is an incredible thing to pray for!

I wanted to not die probably hundreds of times this past week. But what’s more is the fact that I wanted to live as well, for…

In Your presence is fullness of joy  (Psalm 16:11)

I sat in Seattle airport waiting for a flight, memorizing this verse using hand motions that I created. Anything to help me remember it and the surrounding Psalm. Onlookers – excluding my wife who sweetly laughed at my tiny commotion knowing what I was doing, although with some jest – probably thought I was crazy.

But I’m not crazy.

As I was begging the Lord to preserve me and my wife by praying Psalm 16, I was able to renew my mind in the fact that by praying I was entering into His presence. That joy would come from these moments of seeking Him. And that by hoping to be in His presence, I was also assuring myself of the future joy spent with God and Christ. Forever.

With this Psalm about preservation and joy, I was excited to live. Not just for this life, but for an eternal life. To live this life glorifying the Lord, so that in the next I may have pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).

Here’s to God’s great love, His promises of fullness of joy when we draw near to Him, the preservation offered in eternal life with Christ, and the knowledge that when we give Him the glory, our faith grows stronger (Romans 4:20).