Three thoughts on Bing Ads

Supplement Your Adwords Campaigns / Target Older Customers

Bing Ads are a great way to supplement your PPC advertising. Bing covers a decidedly older marketplace than Google. This is due to many of their customers using the default settings of their browser or smartphone. If your product or service is fitting for an older population, you should definitely be using Bing Ads.

Bing’s search volume is growing, while their CPC remains well below Google’s. Listen to Episode #338 of the Marketing School Podcast for a quick breakdown as to why Bing is worth your attention.

Transferring Your Account

Bing makes it easy to transfer your Adwords Account through an automation process. Bing even allows you to check for updates on an ongoing basis. In my experience, migrating an account from Google to Bing takes only a few minutes (depending on the size of the account). Be sure to check the campaign settings once you’ve migrated your information. Bing’s location settings are not the same as Google’s and I noticed that my client’s account was targeting a far broader area on import. There may be other changes that you will need to navigate as well to keep your settings consistent.

Tracking Conversions with Bing&lt

Bing’s native conversion tracking isn’t as user-friendly as Google’s. It’s older and more manual to integrate. If you are familiar with hard-coding events tracking through Google Analytics or with setting up tags in Google Tag Manager, then you should quickly be able to adapt Bing’s UET (Universal Event Tracking). Simply add the code to the website with the events you want to track. If you need to add an onClick event, then use Google Tag Manager to publish the UET tag and then push the additional Javascript based on the action. There are numerous ways you can define a click action in Google.

Please note that if you are using onClick events through Google Tag Manager, Bing will not be able to see and verify your conversion on your website until it happens for the first time. Once a user completes your conversion event, this will publish to your Bing account on the conversion goals page.

Final Thoughts

Bing Ads are worthwhile to increase your reach. Since account transfer is automated, moving from Google to Bing is a breeze and requires a little oversight and tweaking. Definitely add Bing Ads to your digital marketing efforts for increased exposure and sales at a lower CPA.

To find out how we can help you set up or transfer an account to Bing Ads, reach out to: Thanks and happy marketing!