Under the Sky

I think most of my favorite moments happen outdoors.

Something about the created order of things that just is overwhelming with beauty.

Tonight I was spurred on to write by the dipping sunset.  I caught the tail end of it, the sun was already gone, but the last legs of light lingered on. The clouds clung to the horizon, dark blue puffs, like Navy coats thrown into the air and stuck in place.  On the edge the horizon as you looked northwest, the oranges and pinks gave a final breath, before dropping below the roofs of buildings and distant mountains.

My whole body sighed.

It yearns for moments like this, thousand upon thousands of moments like this one, to fill up my whole soul. And I imagined this is what being with God must be like. To be utterly fulfilled and never empty.  Eternal movement of sunrise and sunset, but always and consistently beautiful.  To feel your heart settle in as the evening cools, winds lapping at the water.

And you stand there, maybe if you’re lucky, if just for a fleeting moment, unpretentious, uncaught, and uninhibited by the busy world around you.

Taking it all in.