Architecture Photographer – Spangler Barn Restoration

seth nenstiel architecture photographer
The Spangler Barn restored to it’s original glory.

As an architecture photographer, I am intrigued by historic buildings and their original use. Working with the Gettysburg Foundation and LSC Design, I was hired to document the barn on George Spangler Farm. The structure is a pre-Civil War era barn that was used as a field hospital for both the Union and the Confederate armies. We were shown around the grounds by a historian with the Gettysburg foundation and learned that the doctors were able to save the lives more than 80% of the nearly 2000 men who went through the hospital. Quite a feat for the time!

While I was hired to photograph the restored barn and smokehouse, the grounds were a family-owned, working farm up until about a decade ago.  The property also holds an old farm house and summer kitchen. Today, the farm is used as a historic teaching site and is preserved as part of the Foundation.

architecture photographer seth nenstiel
Field surgeons operated under the overhang near the stables. The farm house sits in the background.
architecture photographer
Side view of the barn showing stone work.
photographer seth nenstiel
Left, summer kitchen. Center, smoke house. Right, Spangler farm house.
architecture photography
Restored smoke house.
spangler barn gettysburg pa
Interior of the barn restored – 90% original floorboards according to historian.
gettysburg foundation spangler farm
Wine and root cellar.
seth nenstiel spangler farm architecture
Stables interior.
architecture photography seth nenstiel
Barn with storm clouds rolling in.


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