Why Your Company Needs Great Headshots

Headshots Create Relationships

People like to know who they are doing business with. Today, the internet allows anyone to research before they buy. A great headshot strategically placed on your website is a way to introduce yourself to a potential customer. It’s the modern equivalent of a warm, friendly greeting extended as someone walks through your door. Conversely, poor headshots of your staff is a quick turn off. It shows lack of care about how you present your business to the world. You wouldn’t leave a shirt tail untucked or trash on the floor of the office, would you? This is your chance to make a great first impression.


Headshots Boost Conversion

Whether it’s selling a product or selling yourself, a great headshot helps with conversion. Just as one works at creating relationships, one must continue to cultivate them. Continued exposure to someone’s headshot builds rapport over time: they are the smiling face that sells you widgets, the headshot breaks the ice for you. It is also helpful when you finally meet in person — you can approach them from across the room and make an introduction with confidence.


Give Recognition

Every company gives recognition to their employees at one time or another. This is a perfect time to use the headshots — put the photo of the employee of the month on the wall or send it out to the team via email. Put it in your corporate newsletter or send a beautifully framed print to the family with a letter recognizing their accomplishments. The uses of a great headshot are endless when recognizing employees.


Remember Company Past and Project the Future

Keep the company headshots up to date by renewing them every couple of years and you will have a document of the living, breathing history in your company. You’ll be able to reflect on change, recognize who’s been faithfully putting their sweat and tears into the team for 5, 10, or 20 years! It’s good to know remember company history, know tracking with you here and now, and see who’s shaping the future!


Putting Headshots to Use

Email Footers
Everyone in sales should have their headshot in their email footer — and believe it or not, everyone is in sales! This is your chance to continue to put a friendly face in front of your clients, potential clients, and vendors. It’s a personal touch that goes a long way in reminding people that both you and they are human and should value relationships. And for people who are in sales, this is a great way to follow up with people you’ve met at conventions or have exchanged business cards with at a networking event. It once again puts a face to a name and extends the relationship.

Blog Posts
Placing a head shot in the upper right corner or at the bottom of a professional blog post conveys expert status. One will quickly find that by doing this, people will associate you with the knowledge and ability to solve problems in this area of specialty. You are building a personal brand that goes with a corporate brand.

So many people still use cell phone photos for their LinkedIn profile picture. Yet we know that this is supposed to be a professional network connecting people to companies and jobs. Don’t fall victim to the easy cell phone photo — it conveys laziness! If you or your employees are on LinkedIn they have proven themselves to be educated individuals worthy of being hired. Use a good headshot to convey this about your self and your company’s ability to perform.

Other Professional Medias & Social Media
Here’s a couple more ideas to boost your recognition and brand:

  • Make a Team Member Album on your company’s Facebook page.
  • Use a headshot as your professional Twitter profile picture.
  • Send headshots of the team to your local Chamber of Commerce for use on their website.
  • Attach them to a press release.
  • Put them on a Google+ Page or a Google Business Listing.
  • Drop them into presentations when key members can’t make the meeting.

Take the Next Step

It’s time to update those tired headshots to a new, sharp look. Whether you want a studio style or an environmental headshot, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch, the process is effortless.