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Four Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Great Photography

There is a tremendous amount of value in photography. Big brands realize this — that’s why they are always producing more photos and more advertisements — it builds recognition. If you haven’t had professional photos of your restaurant or the amazing food you create you’re missing opportunities to be recognized and get people excited about what you offer. If you have, then you already understand the need and know that you stay current with your imagery.

For those that haven’t, you may think, ‘Sure, it is easy for the photographer to write about the need for photography. He’s making money!’ But before you jump ship, let show you four ways great photography is important and creates value to your restaurant.

1. People Buy with Their Eyes

It’s no secret that the modern consumer makes a higher volume of purchasing decisions after seeing pictures. Gone is the day of the description, consumers want to see the product for themselves. In the case of a restaurant, they want to know what the atmosphere is going to be like and what they will be eating and drinking. If your establishment looks exciting, edgy, cool, exiting, or experiential, they will come! If the food looks succulent, delicious, ground breaking, or tasty, they will be tempted to try it!


2. Actively Shape Your Image on Social Media

As a restauranteur you care about your image. You wouldn’t leave trash on the floor of your establishment, so you shouldn’t let the only online activity about your restaurant be that of Yelp Reviews and pictures posted by patrons. You must actively shape craft image.

Having a collection of awesome images of your restaurant that you can reach for and use on your website and social media regularly allows you to actively shape perception. It creates brand awareness and allows you to cultivate certain aspects of your image — feature this section of your restaurant or that dish. It shows attention to detail and care to current and future patrons!


3. Great Images for Signage

In my metro area there is restaurant that has a dedicated billboard on a major highway. For years I would drive up the highway, see the billboard, and know about the restaurant even though I had not once eaten there. Though because of this billboard and some word of mouth, I felt the restaurant must be high caliber with a great quality of food.

Recently I had the opportunity to take new photos for this restaurant. Within a weeks of receiving the photos they updated billboard’s imagery — refreshing the layout and elevating their brand. Their food is cutting edge, their atmosphere is quirky and fun. The new billboard shows this off and entices thousands of viewers a day!


4. Use the Photographs to Up Sell

When is the best time to up-sell? When the people are already in the restaurant!

Place photographs of featured food and drink at the maître d’s station as the daily special or directly on the menu to show off and entice diners to buy. This works all the time — just think of the McRib (bad example? but you knew it didn’t you!). Every time McDonalds want to push a new item they feature a beautiful photo of it. You could even use photos for a check-in promotion for people using social media in-house.


What’s the next step?

Convinced that you should have amazing photography? Go ahead and get in touch with me and we can set up a phone consultation to scope out your needs!

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