Seth Nenstiel Photography – What’s New for 2016

First things First – Getting Healthy

I want to make very it clear — I am STILL photographing during this time and am having a blast doing so!

It’s no secret that my wrist has been giving me trouble. I have degenerated cartilage in my right wrist as shown by the last MRI in 2014. With that benchmark in place and new health insurance I am able to aggressively pursue healing for my wrist this year. I begin this month with an appointment to see a hand specialist. UPDATE: I saw a hand specialist and he feels that my wrist is stable but irritated by a small tear in the cartilage or a ligament. I go for an ultrasound in a few weeks to learn more and understand what can be done to holistically approach healing my wrist. The doctor feels it is an easy problem to address and heal!

I thank my clients, family, and friends so much for their ongoing support and encouragement through 2015 as I wrestled with how and what to photograph. It’s out of this encouragement that I am still photographing and making some changes to my offered disciplines.

What I’m Offering in 2016


Head Shots and Portraits for Business

I love working with people. It’s one of the things that makes my job fantastic. Out of new locations, great opportunities, and ability to be creative, the best thing by far is working with people.

Over the last few years I have be cultivating my approach to head shots and portraiture. This year one of the key disciplines I am focusing on is head shots and portraiture for business. My style brings a creative, jubilant feel to the head shot because the people you work with & companies you work for are not mindless drones! Now you can bring fresh, smiling faces to your website. During the session we laugh a lot and have fun, it really is effortless on your behalf–just show up and smile.

Whether you need a natural light look and feel or a studio consistency, I’ve got you covered. I bring the lighting setup to your location and we plan out the steps and timing to get everything perfect.

Contact me to feature the people that make your organization great.


Food and Restaurant

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Apparently I am not the exception, just ask my wife!

Throughout 2015 I had some AMAZING opportunities to photograph food and restaurants for publications and private organizations. I love working with chefs as creatives, building the photos, and perfecting the details. There is much to be said through the art of food and everyone knows consumers are buying with their eyes (and stomachs!).

In 2016 I want to take my food and restaurant photography to the next level. If you have a friend in this industry I would love to connect with them over a great cup of coffee — put me in touch! And share with them a few of my thoughts on the value in food and restaurant photography: Four Reasons Your Restaurnt Needs Great Photography


Commercial and Events

What a whirlwind of a year in commercial photography. I shot an rebranding for a regional company, three billboards on I-83, several magazine covers being published worldwide, and countless events. This year I am excited for more.

In 2016 I am open for commercial, advertising, and editorial work. As part of this discipline I get to work with Creative Directors and Marketing Directors to brainstorm and build art direction. I am looking forward to blowing boundaries away. Let’s get together and create!

Legacy Project – Films

This is something that Paige & I have been brainstorming for awhile. All I can say is stay tuned for an announcement about the Legacy Project — it is an outpouring of my heart to capture the value of the lives around us.

Here’s a quick preview logo made by the fantastic designer Jesus Rosario.


What I’m Saying Goodbye To in 2016


My apologies to everyone who has contacted me about photographing their wedding this year. I am no longer offering weddings — they are long days and to be honest I find that my wrist cannot maintain holding the camera for that amount of time without becoming irritated.

Please know, I treasure your moments and I want you to have the best opportunity to have them covered. I do have a selection of gifted photographers and vendors that I can recommend for your wedding if you reach out I can connect you with them!

Not Loving What I’m Photographing

This year I am going to be more selective. It’s not just about the work, it’s about the lifestyle. It means being at home with my wife, or at church on Sundays, or on a needed vacation. It means shifting to project based pricing, so I don’t have to watch the clock. It means working with people who believe what I believe. Finally it means harder work, more discipline, more progress, and being honest with how I feel!

In 2016 I want to love my work and grow more than ever!

Over & Out

I cannot thank you enough — dear reader, client, friend, family member, mentor, or bystander — for supporting my work and my life. You make this possible. Please keep in touch or get in touch. Let’s make 2016 great…

Let’s create together!